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“Girl Unmoored by Jennifer Gooch Hummer may be the undiscovered young-adult novel of the summer”
Entertainment Weekly

“Love, loss, and the coming of age of one remarkable girl blaze through this haunting debut like a shooting star you’d wish upon. It’s tough and tender, funny and smart, and it frankly took my breath away. I loved it.”

Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You

“Fierce, funny, deeply eloquent, and unerringly honest, Girl Unmoored is all four courses and dessert. What a dazzling, satisfying novel!”
— Gwendolyn Gross, bestselling author of The Orphan Sister and When She Was Gone

“With stunning emotional honesty, Girl Unmoored shaves away layers of innocence to reveal the true meaning of love, and the power we have to save one another. Effortlessly funny and poignant, Jennifer Gooch Hummer’s masterful debut offers surprises until the very end. I am head over heels for this book, and will gladly scream its praises from the rafters — for sure a must-read!”
Elise Allen, New York Times bestselling co-author of Elixir and author of Populazzi

“This book sneaks up on you. One moment you’re laughing at the quick wit and the next you can’t swallow down the lump in your throat. An intimate story of the entanglement of love and loss, Girl Unmoored breaks through the wall around your heart, giving it room to expand.”
Susan Henderson, bestselling author of Up from the Blue

“From the shadows of loss and uncertainty to the ultimate act of forgiveness, Girl Unmoored is a uniquely rendered and quirky coming-of-age tale that will break your heart one minute and have you laughing out loud the next.”
Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt and Looking for Me 

“With Girl Unmoored, Jennifer Gooch Hummer proves that Love is ultimately about the F-word: family, friendship, and faith in the human heart. This novel is worth a price above rubies. ”
Adam Novak, Head, WME Story Department and author of The Non-Pro

“To borrow one of Apron’s phrases, this book rings the doorbell of my heart.”
Gayle Brandeis, author of My Life with the Lincolns and Delta Girls

“Jennifer Gooch Hummer’s debut novel, Girl Unmoored, introduces readers to a character not easily forgotten. Apron is one of a kind. Think Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird plunked down into the year 1985, trying to deal with Cinderella’s wicked stepmother. This book is filled with hilarious misunderstandings, the poignancy of losing a parent too young, and a fresh new style.”
Jo-Ann Mapson, author of Solomon’s Oak and Finding Casey

“Apron may be adrift, but Hummer’s debut is on track.”

Publishers Weekly

“I simply can not recommend this book highly enough-for the story, for the incredibly good writing, for the adorable heroine and the cast of supporting characters…”

— Seattle Post

“Girl Unmoored” helps moor us all.”

Portland Press Herald

“Don’t you just love it when you discover a brilliant new author? I was giddy with excitement after I read the irresistible novel, Girl Unmoored”
— Barnes & Noble Book Blog

“GIRL UNMOORED is on its way to becoming a classic coming-of-age.”

The Divining Wand

“Read this book. You will feel human and alive. It’s the one I’m going to be touting all year, declaring to others that this is the book we should all be trying to write. And the one we should all want to read.”

Write Meg

“Poignant, candid, and heartbreakingly unique, Girl Unmoored is the best debut novel I’ve read in 2012.”

Reader Girls

“If you only read one teen novel this year, Girl Unmoored is the book to read.”

Roundtable Reviews

Holy Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, Batman! There is a new coming of age novel on the scene and it’s awesome!

Well Read Wife

“Loved. With a capital L-O-V-E-D.”

Chick Lit Is Not Dead

“I count myself lucky to have read GIRL UNMOORED.”

The Bookish Babe

“a perfectly balanced novel… and a deeply relatable coming-of-age story.”


“Pick this up. Like, yesterday.”

Drey’s Library

“a beautiful story about love…a page turner”

Chick Lit Central

“Girl Unmoored crosses genre.”
— The Nervous Breakdown

“I simply fell in love with Apron.”

A Novel Review

“I think you should just trust me when I say read it. Put down whatever mish-mash you’re reading and find this book.”
— Anthology of a Girl

“Since the beginning of literature, authors have attempted to pin down a definition for the emotion we humans call “love.” From Shakespeare to Stephenie Meyer, millions upon millions of different opinions have been put to paper. However, I have never discovered one as pure and simple as Hummer’s.”

Book Addict

“It’s a beautiful story of what love really means…”
— Hooked to Books

“Hummer handles this… novel with tenderness and grace, showing her skills as a brilliant storyteller.
— Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews

“Have you ever come across a book that you find yourself unable to put down? Girl Unmoored is definitely that kind of book.”
— Fire and Ice

“Apron’s voice rings true … – she’s utterly captivating. I wanted to hug her.”
— cupcake’s (Book) cupboard

“…a quirky coming of age story that crosses genres.”

— Books in the City

“I laughed, I cried… I felt mad, I felt glad… I liked, loved and loathed, and this range of emotions was all thanks to the skilled storytelling ability of Jennifer Gooch Hummer.”
— YA’s The Word

“Sometimes you just luck out and find a new author that blows you away. That’s what Jennifer Gooch Hummer has done with Girl Unmoored!”
— I’d Rather Be At The Beach

“This is Hummer’s debut novel and it is all sweet, sad and funny in equal measure.”
The Windy Pages

“Seriously give this a read, it was a wonderful story that I just couldn’t put down.”

Lilac Wolf and Stuff

“I fell hard for the characters”

Buried in Books

“…it(s) hard to believe Girl Unmoored is a debut novel”

A Cozy Reader’s Corner

“…it took off right from the very beginning… I adored this book.”

The Book Scoop

“I could not put it down. When I had to put it down, all I wanted to do was pick it back up again.”

Every Free Chance Book Reviews

“… an earnest telling of her story that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of adult readers.”

5 Minutes for Moms

“I had been waiting, impatiently, to fall in love with a book this summer and I fell for this one.”

Melissa Sarno, This Too…

“…days later, even now, these characters are in my head. I just really loved this book.”

Book Loving Mom


Maine Literary Awards 2013

Winner YA Fiction

ReaderViews Awards 2012

Winner YA Book of the Year

BOTYA (Book of the Year Awards) 2012

Winner YA Fiction

Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards 2012

YA Fiction Mature Themes

Indie Excellence Awards 2012
Winner Cross-Genre Fiction

Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2012
Winner YA Fiction

The Paris Book Festival Awards 2012
Winner YA Fiction

The San Francisco Book Festival Awards 2012
Winner Teen Fiction

USA Best Books Award, 2012

Finalist Best New Book

Finalist Cross-Genre Fiction

Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2012
Finalist Chick Lit Fiction

Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2012
Finalist Best Fiction Cover Art

The International Book Awards 2012
Finalist Best New Book

The International Book Awards 2012
Finalist YA Fiction

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