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A  Kirkus Best Books of 2017 

In this madcap opening volume of her new series, Hummer (Girl Unmoored, 2013) invites readers of all ages into a world where the bureaucratic descendants of fairies watch teens from a drab asteroid belt, use propellers instead of wings (they fell off), and battle a cranky Mother Nature, who wants humans wiped out. With insightful characterization and superior comedic timing, Hummer sculpts a bright pink brick of silliness into a deeply heartfelt narrative. –Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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This month’s Cool & New roundup includes OPERATION TENLEY, the first book in a new series from Jennifer Gooch Hummer in which a teen has the power to produce weatherTeenReads

Brimming with soul-stirring adventure and unpredictability, Operation Tenley is the can’t-miss thrilling adventure to embark on this fall.–Bookstr

Move over every superhero to ever exist — there’s a new weather-controlling heroine in the world and she has our full attention… A total downpour of ingenious storytelling and thrill. Brit + Co

A captivating storm of brilliant storytelling and unpredictability, Operation Tenley is a magical reading experience for lovers of supernatural drama. —   PopSugar

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Los Angeles Book Festival 2017, Honorable Mention 

Rearview Literary Awards 2017, Honorable Mention

“A fun, fresh mash-up of magic and technology. This is one modern twist on fairies you won’t want to miss!”

Tobie Easton author of Emerge

“If you like stories with fairies, you’ll love Operation Tenley where futuristic fairies are tasked with guarding earth’s teens who have gained elemental powers, risking the ire and wrath of Mother Nature. With a fun, high-stakes battle for control over the planets elements, it’s sure to please middle-grade readers.”

Alane Adams, award-winning author of The Red Sun and Kalifus Rising

“Crackling with buzzy energy, Operation Tenley is an adventurous foray into a new, richly imagined world perfect for middle-grade readers. Holden, Pennie and especially Tenley make for prodigious lead characters, and there is something undeniably fresh about their make-up; they are relatable while still being fun, a hard balance to find in children’s lit sometimes. With positive messages that range from accepting those different from you to the danger of global warming, young readers will find a book to love in this quirky, fun world of tech, fairies and elementals.”

Colleen Oakes, author of the Wendy Darling Series and the Queen of Hearts Trilogy (Harper Collins Summer 2016)

“What an enchanting, smart, and whirlwind fun read. Adult novelist Hummer has crafted an ingenious and magical novel about what it means to do unto others, and how we find our truest selves. Kids will love the fairies and the fantasy, but adults will relish the sly wit Hummer imbues on every page.”

— Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling author of Is This Tomorrow and Pictures of You

“If Holly Short from Artemis Fowl was trying to rehabilitate Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka while battling Mother Nature and her Heat/Snow Miser sons, you’d have the Fair City Files. Quirky characters and rollicking fun.”

— Dianne K. Salerni  author of The Eighth Day Series and We Hear the Dead

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