Confessions #9

The Write Life Magazine is a totally posh, wizardy kind of magazine for your iPad and iPhone. It’s like Flipboard for us lovers of words, the fiction-ey unreal-is-the-new-real kind. And I’m so happy to have confessed much of my high-maintenance profanity-loving self in their latest issue, appropriately named, The Confessions Issue. Highly confessional.  So do I regret admitting that I was turned down by so many agents in New York that I had to wait for agent’s assistants to get promoted to start pitching again….. oh wait, that wasn’t one of the questions… ooops. forget that one.

Film Deals and Screenplays and Falling Prices

Here’s what’s been happening around here: Film Deals and Screenplays.

I’m talking Apron up on the big screen. I spent the summer writing the screenplay: Which. Was. So. Fun. To. Write. (!)

I’ve republished the kindle edition of GIRL UNMOORED as well. I think it’s time to lower the e-book price, don’t you? The new paperback print edition will be out in a few weeks.

Exciting times around here. I hope you all had a great summer. Thank you for stopping in.

xo, Jennifer

Milk Face

Milk Face, the article, not my daughter, is in the San Francisco Book Review this month. I love the graphics they chose.

207 !

I had a great time on 207 WCSH NBC Portland this week.

Thank you for having me.

Besides talking about GIRL UNMOORED, I also offered four great summer reads. They’re good.